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Mika recommended Leelly
Chateau de Nyon
This is a great place! You will like it!
Leelly recommended Leelly
Officina della Bistecca
If you like a looot of meat...this is the place to be! You pay 50 eur per person and get 5 course meal of pure meat and unlimited vine. You need to reserve upfront via online and come 15 min before it starts. Very nice experience but we were totally overeaten. Recommended to sleep in the same town not to drive and can anjoy the free vine (not very good though). Not for vegetarians, they really do not have good offer for them charging 50 eur
Leelly recommended Leelly
Via delle Volte, 21
Great shop with white dresses and shirts from Egyptian cotton. Good prices!
Leelly recommended Leelly
Lo Sfizio Di Bianchi
very nice pizzas and pastas
Leelly recommended Leelly
This is a great place for seafood! mniammmm
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