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Leelly recommended Leelly
El Greco
El Greco is a hotel with 5 restaurants facing the street- I was in one called Grill- specialised in meat and fresh fish- the meat is delicious, othr dishes people loved too. Prices are ok. You should really try Angus steak there!
Leelly recommended Mika
Balcón Canario II
One of the best restaurants in Puerto Rico resort in Gran Canaria! Typical Spanish and local food, amazing service. Wirth calling upfront to reserve or come for dinner after 9pm as locals do:)
Leelly recommended Leelly
Restaurant Peix&brases
Great fresh seafood place! Prices are quite high but it is really worth it! And the choice of vines is amazing too!
Mika recommended Leelly
Funky BBQ
This is a great place! You will like it!
Leelly recommended Leelly
This is a great place! You will like it!
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