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Mika recommended sibylle
Golden Bridge Da Nang ( 골든 브릿지 다낭 )
You might want to add this to your list for Vietnam :)
Mika recommended sibylle
Restauracja Anatewka
This is a Jewish Restaurant with very good but heavy food. Lodz was a very big jewish community prior to 2nd world war and now the city is rediscovering their heritage. The place is next to "Bierhalle" on the other side of the manufactura square. . If you have the andels hotel in your back this place would be on the opposite left side of the square. Hope you will like one of the places. Michael
Mika recommended sibylle
Restauracja Marcello
Here an Italian place and in general the places are not as good as real Italian but for Polish style this is a good place. I'll share 2 more places in a minute. Have a good stay! Michael
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